Frequently Asked Questions

Will you really be willing and able to help me get organized? My room/space/home is a total disaster!
As your professional organizing consultant, I know that getting started with your organizing project can be daunting.  I understand the challenges you may face and will give you perspective on your project.

How long does a typical session take?
Work sessions booked in 3- to 4-hour blocks allow efficient use of time.
The amount of time needed to organize the space will vary depending on the project.
A FREE phone consultation and assessment permits me to provide a more accurate estimate

Should I clean before you come for the on-site assessment?

No! Don't worry about how your room(s) looks now. Viewing this area in its 'natural state' provides a better picture of how your space currently functions, and provides insight into what areas need revamping.

What is the cost of hiring a professional organizer?

The cost of each customized organizing session will vary based on scope, complexity, decisiveness of client, level of interruptions, and storage unit assembly, etc.

Do you have other organizing questions?
Contact Cathy by
email or by phone at 360-904-1455.